My Regimen

My Regimen

Many people ask if I have a hair regimen, or WHAT it is...I don't necessarily have one in particular. Just like the products I use, my regimen may change. However, I do have things that are "definites" and "no-nos" when it comes to personal hair care.

I try to shampoo only once every one to two weeks---depending on how I'm feeling---with a low sulfate shampoo. Sometimes, I'll use one with sulfates. When I want to clarify, I'll use 100% Black Soap or a 50:50 water and raw apple cider vinegar solution---maybe every six weeks (if that). If I'm not wearing twists, I'll co-wash maybe twice a week in the winter. In the summer I may just rinse with just water every other day. Good, clean, soft or filtered water is my hair's BFF! They LOVE each other. ☺ 

I always pre-treat, which is coating the hair and scalp with a nutrient rich oil, prior to shampooing. My favorite oil to use is Unrefined Coconut Oil, but I will use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a second choice. Pre-treating with coconut oil maximizes your hair's ability to retain moisture after shampooing. To maximize softness, I apply conditioner in addition to the coconut oil. That makes it easier to detangle my hair if I decide to detangle prior to shampooing. Otherwise, I detangle in the shower after shampooing. For me, it's easier to use a denman brush or a TANGLE TEEZER! ( $9.99)

Going to bed without a satin scarf, bonnet, or pillowcase
Combing/brushing dry hair
Straightening frequently (some don't approve at all)
*Blow drying sopping wet hair (that kind of heat will boil the water in your hair and cause damage or loss of texture---YIKES!)
Going without trims (Natural hair still needs to be trimmed. Frequency depends on the individual)

*Tip: Before straightening it's best to add setting lotion, thermal protection, etc. while hair is very wet for even distribution and control. While it's best to roller set or braid/twist and let dry before flat ironing, letting hair air dry about 75-85% before straightening is better than manipulating while sopping wet. Apply oils after straightening to prevent frying and further damage.

How do you take care of your hair?

Disclaimer: These are the things that I've found to work best for me.
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