Thursday, February 24, 2011

CurlTalk Q&A: Wet n Wear

Q: I typically wear my non-chemically treated hair in a wash/blow-dry/light heat style. I have an amazing party to attend this weekend and there is RAIN in the forecast. No...I won't melt, but I certainly don't want to deal with the rain drop poof in the center of my head where the random splatter caught me by surprise. What wet and wear styles do you suggest for shorter manes i.e. above the shoulder? And how do I make the roots more manageable when wearing this style? Previous attempts have resulted in shiny ends and not so shiny (almost dry looking) roots. Please help!!!!
A: Hmmmm...sounds like your hair is heat "trained". I'm assuming that your hair on the ends has a very loose wave/curl pattern. If I were you and I had two textures, I'd do away with wet n wear styles that expose the center of the head, unless you are wearing a chic wet bun or pony. Let's say you have a center part anyway, to eliminate the split texture look it's important to saturate the hair closest to your scalp with product as well. After washing/conditioning/detangling, separate your hair in several different sections. Smooth on an alcohol free gel and creamy moisturizer from the roots to the tips. Use a denman brush or a tangle teezer (something with the teeth close together) to distribute products evenly. Take each section like you're holding a cigarette and smooth downward in between your fingers.To encourage curl on the ends, lean your head to either side and scrunch hair gently. Air dry or use a diffuser.

Now, you can achieve the same results without a part down the center. You'd look just as chic, fun, and sophisticated with your hair distributed back (like Raven-Symone's in the photo). Even a nice updo with your hair pinned up in the back OR a mohawk-like style with the sides pinned back a little with your hair falling toward your lovely face would be nice. Try it before the party to see if you like it. It's "scrunch" time"!!!! ☺

Hint: Kinky Curly has a curling custard that I just use as a gel for my edges. It's alcohol free and it has marshmallow root in it---which gives it AMAZING texture for that purpose. If you want more hold, use more gel. If you want less hold, use more moisturizer.

Question submitted by: FP

More opinions are more than welcomed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Natural?

I can't tell you how many people asked me, "Why are you going natural?", "What made you do that?", "How long is this going to last?" Well I can think of several reasons I decided to make the change. My number one reason was: I wanted to accept everything about myself in raw form, and that included the way my hair coiled out of it's follicles. I began to shed layers of things that were not truly a part of me.  I wanted to be more organic, more authentic, more appreciative of the way Our Father created me. Some would probably not take it so far/deep, but those were all reasons of MINE. Everyone has their own story of how they arrive at their own conclusions. Other reasons were the desire for more versatility, optimum health of hair and scalp, and total freedom from the bondage/captivity of having to get a touch up every 6-8 weeks! I can't even begin to tell you how much money I've saved. While in college, I would notice other races of women walking around with wet hair---not having to dry, wrap, roll, or flat iron--or casually going to the gym without giving a second thought about messing up their hair. At the time there was only one natural woman on campus that I TOTALLY admired! I WANTED THAT! Why couldn't I be carefree about my hair too? I thought to myself,  "Uh, I can!" So I did!

Are you natural? Transitioning? Want to be natural? What made you choose a natural vs. relaxed lifestyle?
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